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Life opens up when you lean into what's great about you

Jeanee grew up skiing and dancing. She was also extremely shy. With self-confidence, she combined her skiing and dancing to become a World Cup half-pipe skier. By leaning into what she loved, her shyness melted away. Since being a teen, she has been sought after to be an event planner, project coordinator, office manager, and PR strategist. How incredible that little girl became a world-class athlete while organizing business events.

Achieving peak performance

To achieve peak performance, Jeanee focuses on the moment. Through the process of the journey, she has made strides that seem effortless to others. Rather than getting discouraged by her sister’s accident, Jeanee moved into the role of caregiver extraordinaire. She also maintained her own passions to continue her skiing and business ventures. She measures her peak performance by being her own personal best.

Jeanee is an experienced event planner who began her career planning a teen nightclub at Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies in High School. After she sold out event Jeanee was hired for a paid internship at Pando Labs in Office Management and marketing. Additionally, Jeanee has had paid internship under the CEO, of Hyperformance Business Consulting in Orange County California, and a personal internship for the owner of AVI Business Management in New York. Jeanee also created #MoCrazyStrong in the hospital the day after Jamie’s accident and ran the initial Public Relations for MocrazyStrong. Including creating both National and international coverage of MoCrazyStrong. While running Public Relations Jeanee got Jamie the cover of Vancouver Sun and the accident story on CTV prime time news. Jeanee took her skills in event planning and PR combined with her knowledge of fashion and travel to create the retreats offered by MoCrazy Strong.

Embrace who you are to see what’s really possible and design your life

Becoming your own personal best comes from the inside. It’s not about how others perceive you. It’s about embracing your own unique characteristics. Jeanee has been intensely brave and bold to discover what is possible in her life. By making monumental choices with conviction, she has designed her life, inspiring others without even knowing it. As an athlete, Jeanee knows how important mental health is to overcome adversity. She firmly believes in embracing and genuinely expressing yourself, opening up a multitude of possibilities.

The best in ourselves comes in the service of others

With every privilege comes responsibility. Jeanee is a licensed foster parent. Jeanee takes children to a point in their lives when they are stressed, overwhelmed, and scared and uses the skills she was brought up with from the MoCrazy Method as well as what she has learned with foster care to give these children a new hope and outlook on life. She knows in her heart she can give these broken children new hope, and since she can do it- she will do it. Finding the perfect fit that connects your lifeblood core in the service of others brings out your own quintessential self.

I use the Power of Design to help others overcome fear to be their best selves

Jeanee is a striking example of the power of design. Every day Jeanee purposefully chooses what she will wear, including when she visited Jamie in the hospital. Jeanee designed Jamie’s room with pictures on the walls, her favorite pink blankets, stuffies, and even a hammock! Because she was living in an amazing setting, Jamie felt no worry or depression; no bleak hospital room with drably dressed family members. Jeanee designed that hospital room and dressed with the aim of creating fun and positive energy. Designing your life to be what you want it to be included in every little detail.

Jeanee on Instagram

Jeanee on Instagram @jeaneecranemauzy to follow her daily adventures and stay in touch.

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