So many helped and loved us. 

 Now we are going to help and love others.

Along the injury to recovery journey we have been incredibly fortunate to have many great friends and the whole Mocrazy Clan help with the every aspect of the process- from immediate injury to recovery, and into the future.  

First Family Flight is a Non-Profit set up to help connect and financially support families when their loved one, an immediate family member, is in a coma due to a traumatic brain injury 100+ miles from a family home, First Family Flight will provide connections and financial support with airfare, lodging, and food during those critical days.

The idea to create this wealth of support was thought of during our own experience with a family member in a coma due to a traumatic brain injury 100+ miles from home. Co-Founder Jamie Crane-Mauzy sustained a traumatic brain injury April 11th 2015 while trying to become the first woman to do an off axis double backflip in a slope-style skiing competition at World Tour Finals in Whistler Canada. I, Co-Founder Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, was on the hill as well. Jamie was transferred to Vancouver General Hospital by helicopter where she remained in a coma with grim expectations of ever waking up for 8 days. During that time our whole family, three other sisters and both parents dropped everything to be there within 24 hours.

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"I have been waiting to launch the "giving back" section to @abombapparel since Jan 2012. I've wanted to give back since over the years I've had hard times & injuries though my ski career and have always been giving help. I hope this will be a start of helping others in need too!  💜 This is @jamiemocrazy journey to getting back strong and healthy! Please support & share if you can in helping @jamiemocrazy get back to being healthy & strong! 😍

Jamie is the most loving, caring and wildly energetic girl I’ve met over the years. She is not defined as a competitor of mine, but a friend. Jamie is a professional Half Pipe and Slope Style skier who has achieved many accomplishments in her career. On April 11th, Jamie under-rotated a double flat (an off axis double back flip) and landed on her head in the World Tour Slopestyle Ski Finals in Whistler, Canada. She was life flighted to Vancover as we all waited to hear if Jamie would survive the crash.


When you buy an exclusive ‪#‎MoCrazyStrong‬ headwrap, you get to help be part of the #MoCrazyStrong team. Half the proceeds go to Jamie helping with her medical bills and extra healing to be able to comeback stronger than ever! Ashley with A-Bomb Apparel is one of Jamie’s close friends and has been a big member of ‪#‎MoCrazyStong‬ and getting Jamie back! The love and support every one has been giving is amazing , Thank you for your support!”-jamies sister and mom" -Ashley Battersby Proffesional Slopestyle Skier.

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