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Cognitive FX Bootcamp

Functional MRI Last August (2017) I took a Functional MRI at CognitiveFX in Provo Utah. During a Functional MRI you take cognitive…

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Self improvement with a functional MRI

I am a completely functional adult. I am graduating college next May at a private liberal arts school and I have completed all my…

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Just dance, it’s gonna be ok

One of the big things that helped me recover all the way back from a coma to a fully functioning adult you know very well. That big thing what was it? Music. I did a 4 monthly video about how much music affected me and now I am going to embellish how music helped me. […]

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6 things I am going to start doing now. Why? Because I am alive.

Be Vulnerable I wrote this at a convention board-breaking activity I was at last October at a speaking gig in Palm Springs. I have started to be more vulnerable, and it’s scary, really scary. It’s ok to love and take chances and metaphorically fall on my face. Move somewhere different Not forever or permanently (at […]

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Stem Cell Shots

I got stem cell shots the other day on my right knee. Last fall I had an MRI and the cartilage in my right knee is bone on bone and like an 85-year-old knee. I got an unloader brace last winter which keeps the lateral side from hitting bone on bone when I land tricks. […]

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My New Zealand Trip

My trip to New Zealand was the most emotional trip I have ever been on. I was staying at my friend Annabel’s house which was great! But the first few days she had to work every day, and I hitchhiked (which is normal in NZ) up to the mountain every day. I was alone. I […]

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