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NYC As An Outside Local

I was born in Connecticut just outside of New York City. Since before I was born my dad worked in lower Manhattan. I have been coming to NYC for day trips since before I can remember. Even though my sister’s mom and I have moved a couple of times. Now residing in Park City Utah, […]

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Fun Things To Do In Mt Hood Oregon

I just got back from Mount Hood! It was so much fun to see everyone who hasn’t seen me since I got hurt! And the opportunity to go to Mount Hood again! This time, I did more than just skiing and I can tell you some other great things to do in Mount Hood! Speaking […]

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A very little girl with very big dreams-how I evolved this fall

In this blog, I am going to share a bit about how I evolved this fall and what I learned attending Westminster college. I can blame the fact I never shared how finals at college went and what I learned from the fall semester at Westminster on my life being hectic, but really I felt […]

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Sometimes you encounter a struggle you never saw coming.

Sometimes in life you encounter a struggle you never saw coming. Kelsey had a Brain Injury from 6 concussions in a month or two That…

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My Norway Story

A lot of people have a foreign country they get attached to. Sometimes it’s after they have been there, but a lot of times it’s from photos, stories, and people they’ve seen from there. For example, my little sister has always loved England and learned everything about British history and the royal family. My country […]

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Some New Summer Looks

I love to style for sure, and I definitely care how I look. But that’s not it for me, I have to be comfortable also. I have a unique style of looking good and being able to be comfortable enough to sleep in any of my outfits! Stop! I know it’s super hot out and […]

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