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How Southwest reacts when the most embarrassing event occurs

Kuleana (I don’t have any pics traveling) After a wonderful goodbye dinner in Connecticut we headed home to my old family house. Three…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! What an awesome day to acknowledge and thank anyone in our lives who is a mother! To honor Mother’s Day, I…

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Being a caregiver for a brain injury survivor

As you might, or might not know, whan I did the interview with Donna I was on a cruise to mexico! The cruise was given to my dad for his…

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The Funny Things I Did Unknowlingly

So I don’t remember this because I was still in a coma! I was in a coma for eight days in April of 2015 because I fell at World Tour Finals and almost died. But I was wearing my Smith helmet which is probably the reason I am still alive. It would have been dramatic […]

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“Are you wearing ski boots to Fiji?”

“Are you wearing ski boots to Fiji?” Running around New Zealand I waved goodbye to my friend Annabel at the New Zealand airport in…

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I had a concussion so what do I do now?

I had a concussion so what do I do now? A person hit their head and got a concussion and now they want to know what to do. The recovery…

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