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Life 2.0

I had an interview on my show Life Gets MoCrazy with Jason Stinsmen. Jason Stinsmen Listen to podcast. Life Gets MoCrazy- Jason Stinsmen,…

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Beverly Hills, that’s NOT where I want to be

You know that song: “Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be!” well that’s NOT where I want to be. The hills are so boring. The hill girls are fake. Fake eyelashes, tons of makeup, fake boobs, fake noses, Botox… They try SO hard on their looks and to impress who? In my opinion, the […]

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Why I love Park City

I looked off into the distance at the scarlet sunset intertwined with the white blur of the falling snow. I took a deep breath and pushed…

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Sex sells, so what to do?

That has been my question since I was 13. Sex sells. The media only puts out what will sell, but I don’t want to sell sex. I became paranoid about sexuality. I have never even kissed a boy skier on the professional tour. I put up the walls that I was a friend, not a […]

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Instead of “let’s go shopping!” “Let’s go skiing”

So I went to the mall recently to exchange the snowflake ring my dad gave me to mark my one year since my accident. I love the ring I just needed one size smaller. It’s was easy to fix, but here’s the thing I noticed about malls. I’m not against malls, I do sometimes (rarely) […]

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